"Elvis Costello" chods

AlisonElvis Costello
Brilliant MistakeElvis Costello
Blame It On CainElvis Costello
Complicated ShadowsElvis Costello
Changing PartnersElvis Costello
Down Among the Wines and SpiritsElvis Costello
Watching the DetectivesElvis Costello
VeronicaElvis Costello
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red ShoesElvis Costello
Indoor FireworksElvis Costello
Less Than ZeroElvis Costello
Let's MisbehaveElvis Costello
SheElvis Costello
Welcome To the Working WeekElvis Costello
Mystery DanceElvis Costello
Waiting For the End of the WorldElvis Costello
I'm Not AngryElvis Costello
Sneaky FeelingsElvis Costello
No DancingElvis Costello
Pay It BackElvis Costello
Sulphur to SugarcaneElvis Costello
License To KillElvis Costello
Femme FataleElvis Costello
I Felt the Chill Before the Winter CameElvis Costello
My Mood SwingsElvis Costello
The Crooked LineElvis Costello
My All Time DollElvis Costello
Hidden ShameElvis Costello
Little BoxesElvis Costello
She Was No GoodElvis Costello
I Dreamed of My Old LoverElvis Costello
Red CottonElvis Costello
No Hiding PlaceElvis Costello
She Handed Me a MirrorElvis Costello
How Deep Is the RedElvis Costello