"Paul Simon" chods

50 Ways to Leave Your LoverPaul Simon
American TunePaul Simon
All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints (with Los Lobos)Paul Simon
AdiĆ³s HermanosPaul Simon
AmuletPaul Simon
Born At the Right TimePaul Simon
Born In Puerto RicoPaul Simon
Crazy Love, Vol. IIPaul Simon
Can't Run ButPaul Simon
Diamonds On the Soles of Her ShoesPaul Simon
DuncanPaul Simon
Dazzling BluePaul Simon
Darling LorrainePaul Simon
Father and DaughterPaul Simon
Further to FlyPaul Simon
GracelandPaul Simon
Gumboots (with the Boyoyo Boys)Paul Simon
Gone At LastPaul Simon
Getting Ready for Christmas DayPaul Simon
Homeless (with Ladysmith Black Mambazo)Paul Simon
Hearts and BonesPaul Simon
Hurricane EyePaul Simon
How Can You Live In the Northeast?Paul Simon
KodachromePaul Simon
Loves Me Like a RockPaul Simon
Late In the EveningPaul Simon
Love and BlessingsPaul Simon
Love Is Eternal Sacred LightPaul Simon
Love and Hard TimesPaul Simon
OutrageousPaul Simon
You Can Call Me AlPaul Simon
Me and Julio Down By the SchoolyardPaul Simon
Mother and Child ReunionPaul Simon
Slip Slidin' AwayPaul Simon
Still Crazy After All These YearsPaul Simon
The Obvious ChildPaul Simon
RewritePaul Simon
The Boy In the BubblePaul Simon
Under African SkiesPaul Simon
I Know What I Know (with General M.D. Shirinda & the Gaza Sisters)Paul Simon
The AfterlifePaul Simon
That Was Your Mother (with Good Rockin' Dopsie and the Twisters)Paul Simon
Something So RightPaul Simon
So Beautiful or So WhatPaul Simon
Take Me to the Mardi GrasPaul Simon
Peace Like a RiverPaul Simon
Train In the DistancePaul Simon
Stranded In a LimousinePaul Simon
That Was Your MotherPaul Simon
Spirit VoicesPaul Simon
The Cool, Cool RiverPaul Simon
QualityPaul Simon
The Late Great Johnny AcePaul Simon
Wartime PrayersPaul Simon
Questions for the AngelsPaul Simon
The Rhythm of the SaintsPaul Simon
The CoastPaul Simon
She Moves OnPaul Simon
ThelmaPaul Simon
Spirit Voices (Work-In-Progress) [Bonus Track]Paul Simon
The Coast (Work-In-Progress) [Bonus Track]Paul Simon
My Little Town (with Art Garfunkel)Paul Simon
St. Judy's CometPaul Simon
Learn How to FallPaul Simon