"Trans-Siberian Orchestra" chods

A Mad Russian's Christmas (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
An Angel Came DownTrans-Siberian Orchestra
An Angel ReturnedTrans-Siberian Orchestra
A Star to FollowTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Anno DomineTrans-Siberian Orchestra
A Last IllusionTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Another Way You Can DieTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Appalachian SnowfallTrans-Siberian Orchestra
A Final DreamTrans-Siberian Orchestra
After the FallTrans-Siberian Orchestra
An Angel's ShareTrans-Siberian Orchestra
BeethovenTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Back to a Reason (Part II)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Boughs of HollyTrans-Siberian Orchestra
BelieveTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Bach LullabyTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas CanonTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Canon RockTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas JamTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Nights In BlueTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Jazz (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Concerto (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas DreamsTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Carmina BuranaTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 24 / 24Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Child of the NightTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Childhood DreamsTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas In the AirTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Different WingsTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Dreams We ConceiveTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Dream Child (A Christmas Dream)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
EmbersTrans-Siberian Orchestra
EpiphanyTrans-Siberian Orchestra
First Snow (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Faith NoelTrans-Siberian Orchestra
For the Sake of Our BrotherTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Fur EliseTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Find Our Way HomeTrans-Siberian Orchestra
FateTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Father, Son & Holy GhostTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Forget About the Blame (Moon Version) [feat. Lzzy Hale]Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Good King JoyTrans-Siberian Orchestra
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenTrans-Siberian Orchestra
NutrockerTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Night EnchantedTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Night CastleTrans-Siberian Orchestra
O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
O Holy NightTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Old City BarTrans-Siberian Orchestra
OrnamentTrans-Siberian Orchestra
O' Come All Ye Faithful (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
OvertureTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Promises to KeepTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Queen of the Winter NightTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Requiem (The Fifth)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
RememberTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Remnants of a LullabyTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Siberian Sleigh Ride (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
SparksTrans-Siberian Orchestra
SomedayTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Wizards In Winter (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The First Noel (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Silent Nutcracker (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
This Christmas DayTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Prince of PeaceTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
What Child Is This?Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Wisdom of Snow (Instrumental)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Lost Christmas EveTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Midnight ClearTrans-Siberian Orchestra
What Is Christmas?Trans-Siberian Orchestra
MozartTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The MountainTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Toccata - Carpimus NoctemTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Joy of Man's Desire/Angels We Have Heard On HighTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Moonlight and MadnessTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Lion's RoarTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The March of the Kings/Hark the Herald AngelTrans-Siberian Orchestra
TracersTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Mozart and MemoriesTrans-Siberian Orchestra
MidnightTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Mephistopheles' ReturnTrans-Siberian Orchestra
MephistophelesTrans-Siberian Orchestra
I'll Keep Your SecretsTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The DarkTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Dreams of CandlelightTrans-Siberian Orchestra
MiseryTrans-Siberian Orchestra
What Is EternalTrans-Siberian Orchestra
There Was a LifeTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Safest Way Into TomorrowTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The MomentTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Who Is This ChildTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Time Floats OnTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Mother and SonTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Safest Way Into Tomorrow (Reprise)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
This Is Who You AreTrans-Siberian Orchestra
What Good This DeafnessTrans-Siberian Orchestra
ViennaTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Midnight Christmas EveTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Music Box BluesTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Ghosts of Christmas EveTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Music BoxTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The World That He SeesTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The World That She SeesTrans-Siberian Orchestra
The Snow Came DownTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Winter PalaceTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Time You Should Be SleepingTrans-Siberian Orchestra
I Had a MemoryTrans-Siberian Orchestra
Whoville Medley: Perfect Christmas Night / GrinchTrans-Siberian Orchestra
A Perfect Christmas NightTrans-Siberian Orchestra