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80's MetalPatton Oswalt
At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With a ShovelPatton Oswalt
America Has SpokenPatton Oswalt
Alternate EarthPatton Oswalt
A Brief History of Shitty ComedyPatton Oswalt
A Man Shaves His BallsPatton Oswalt
America the Retarded Trust-Fund KidPatton Oswalt
A Blowjob Behind the Tilt-a-WhirlPatton Oswalt
AirplanePatton Oswalt
Beautiful People and a Bridge TrollPatton Oswalt
Best Week EverPatton Oswalt
Bubble of SanityPatton Oswalt
BirthPatton Oswalt
Clean FilthPatton Oswalt
Creative DepressionPatton Oswalt
Death BedPatton Oswalt
DemonsPatton Oswalt
Easter EggsPatton Oswalt
Encore: Orudis BlampforttPatton Oswalt
Facts About MidgetsPatton Oswalt
FatPatton Oswalt
FirstPatton Oswalt
FloridaPatton Oswalt
Great Food Is Cooked By PsychosPatton Oswalt
Here We GoPatton Oswalt
How We Won the WarPatton Oswalt
Liquor AdsPatton Oswalt
Lofty ThoughtsPatton Oswalt
New ClothesPatton Oswalt
Obama... And Time Travel... And Coolness... And the Last RacistPatton Oswalt
OrgyPatton Oswalt
You Are Allowed 20 Birthday PartiesPatton Oswalt
Physics for PoetsPatton Oswalt
I Tell a Story About Birth Control and Deal With a Retarded HecklerPatton Oswalt
Cirque du SoleilPatton Oswalt
The Dukes of HazzardPatton Oswalt
The Miracle of ChildbirthPatton Oswalt
Wackity Schmackity Doo!Patton Oswalt
Racist Cell PhonesPatton Oswalt
The Gatekeepers of CoolnessPatton Oswalt
Sterling, VirginiaPatton Oswalt
The Best Baby In the UniversePatton Oswalt
Married & SinglePatton Oswalt
Toronto Open MikePatton Oswalt
SteakPatton Oswalt
Stella D'oro / Robert Evans / The Sadness EndsPatton Oswalt
The Poetry of PornographyPatton Oswalt
Piss DrinkersPatton Oswalt
I Hate HippiesPatton Oswalt
My Christmas MemoryPatton Oswalt
Tivo!Patton Oswalt
The ApocalypsePatton Oswalt
Tom CarvelPatton Oswalt
The Magic of Oil PaintingPatton Oswalt
The Gay Pride ParadePatton Oswalt
The World's Most Amazing FatherPatton Oswalt
"We're Here, We're Queer...!"Patton Oswalt
When You Buy a HumveePatton Oswalt
Your Moment of IronyPatton Oswalt
The Winning TeamPatton Oswalt
The Sadness BeginsPatton Oswalt
"Two More Sips!"Patton Oswalt
TextPatton Oswalt
Sky CakePatton Oswalt
The MagicianPatton Oswalt
RatsPatton Oswalt
Whiskey and Weed and L.S.D.Patton Oswalt
The Sad BoyPatton Oswalt
The Oswalt Family CrestPatton Oswalt
Grocery RobotsPatton Oswalt
TreadmillPatton Oswalt
The Ham IncidentPatton Oswalt
The Bugged CarPatton Oswalt
The Slob AvatarPatton Oswalt
The Vomit BagPatton Oswalt
The Parking TicketPatton Oswalt
The Dumb Gay FriendPatton Oswalt
The Circus Is In TownPatton Oswalt
The Miracle of SweatpantsPatton Oswalt
The StripperPatton Oswalt
The Best Comedy I've Ever SeenPatton Oswalt
The Power of JesusPatton Oswalt
The Best Argument & Against Gay MarriagePatton Oswalt
The Parental DefensePatton Oswalt
The Gifted ChildPatton Oswalt
The Magic of CursivePatton Oswalt
The Weight Loss PlanPatton Oswalt
The Invisible AnusPatton Oswalt
The Museum of SpamPatton Oswalt
The Vestibule of DreamsPatton Oswalt
The Spirit CavePatton Oswalt
The Burroughs of CarbsPatton Oswalt
The Horror of New York CityPatton Oswalt
GermanyPatton Oswalt
I Am an Awful DadPatton Oswalt
Adorable RacismPatton Oswalt
I Am a Great DadPatton Oswalt
My ProstitutePatton Oswalt
Money and PussyPatton Oswalt
My Fitness FuturePatton Oswalt
SelloutPatton Oswalt
The Limits of DancingPatton Oswalt