"10 Years" chods

Wasteland10 Years
Beautiful10 Years
Fix Me10 Years
Shoot It Out10 Years
Through the Iris10 Years
So Long, Good-bye10 Years
Waking Up10 Years
Cast It Out10 Years
Now Is the Time (Ravenous)10 Years
The Autumn Effect10 Years
Prey10 Years
Half Life10 Years
Seasons to Cycles10 Years
Fault Line10 Years
The Recipe10 Years
Paralyzing Kings10 Years
Empires10 Years
Insects10 Years
Actions & Motives10 Years
Fix Me (Acoustic)10 Years
Russian Roulette10 Years
Don't Fight It10 Years
11:00am (Daydreamer)10 Years
Just Can't Win10 Years
Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)10 Years
Dying Youth10 Years
One More Day10 Years
Drug of Choice10 Years
Proud of You10 Years
Chasing the Rapture10 Years
The Wicked Ones10 Years
All Your Lies10 Years
Focus10 Years
Waking Up the Ghost10 Years
Running In Place10 Years
Alabama10 Years
Dead In the Water10 Years
Shoot It Out (Acoustic)10 Years
Fade Into (The Ocean)10 Years
Patiently10 Years
Silhouette of a Life10 Years
I Blame You10 Years
Dancing With the Dead10 Years
Miscellanea10 Years
Backlash10 Years
Forever Fields (Sowing Season)10 Years
Minus the Machine10 Years
Battle Lust10 Years
Writing On the Walls10 Years
Knives10 Years
...And All the Other Colors10 Years
Soma10 Years
Soma (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]10 Years
Tightrope10 Years
Sleeper10 Years
Birth--Death10 Years
Backlash (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]10 Years
Baptized in Fire (Bonus Track)10 Years
From Birth to Burial10 Years